2013 Events and Workshops

Friday Night Festivities

Friday Night Festivities

The 2013 Gathering Festival offered three weeks of workshops and activitiesleading to the closing Community Celebration Day (link) on June 22. All workshops were free and food was provided for participants.

Bike to Work Week

The festival kicked off with a bicycle repair workshop on May 29 by Our Community Bikes (link) to celebrate “Bike to Work Week” (Link) in British Columbia. There was a good turnout of people learning to fix their bikes and eat a generous lunch. Our Community Bikes returned on June 22 to fix bikes at the closing celebration. Next year we plan to run workshops each week leading up to the closing celebration day. The long term vision for this workshop is to build capacity by teaching community members to fix bikes and eventually have them run monthly bike fix-it workshops at the Gathering Place.

BC Access Awareness Day

Wheel Voices performing at Emery Barnes Park

Wheel Voices performing wheelchair dance at Emery Barnes Park

In observance of “BC Access Awareness Day” (link) the Gathering Place in partnership with SPARK BC (link) and Realwheels Society (Link) held an afternoon of awareness raising activities and food. The event features wheelchair dance, music and spoken word performances (Link) by “Wheel Voices” (Link); Our own Vickie ??? Conducted a wheelchair obstacle course for able bodied people to learn about the challenges wheelchair bound people face. Both Vickie and the Wheel voices returned to perform at the closing celebration, June 22.

Seniors Week

Seniors Story Telling and Banner Display

Seniors Story Telling and Banner Display

In partnership with Vancouver Second Mile Society and as a nod to BC “Seniors Week” (Link) we ran three weeks of senior’s storytelling and banner making workshops. The events were held in the New Continental Seniors Lounge 1067 Seymour St. All the resulting art work was displayed at Emery Barnes Park at the closing celebration Day.

Youth Stilt Program 

Stilt instructor David Yates pl;ays with Kesseke at the festival

Stilt instructor David Yates pl;ays with Kesseke at the festival

Our Youth Stilt Walking workshops ran on June 12, 13, 19 and 20th. In partnership with Directions Youth Service (Link) the first two workshops were held at Directions Drop-In Centre and the following two were held at the Gathering Place. The youth learned how to walk on stilts and performed at the solstice celebration on June 20 and at the closing celebration on June 22


The best of Connect, Our Community Art Show

The best of Connect, Our Community Art Show

“Connect – Our Community Art Show” ran at the Gathering Place June 6 through the 16th. The works of 55 local artists representing almost 200 pieces were featured. One piece from each artist (the best of…) was remounted at the closing celebration Day June 22.


Lantern making workshops were held at the Gathering Place June 13, 16, 18 and 20th. All these workshops led up to an evening of festivities on summer solstice, June 20.

Summer Solstice June 20th

June 20th was this year’s summer solstice. The Gathering Festival Celebrated with performances by Orkestar Slivovica and The Gathering Place Community Choir. Dinner was served to the audience and lanterns and Ivana Kupala wreaths (link) were made in honor of the solstice. Due to poor weather the performances were held inside in the Gathering Place Theatre. Luckily the weather cleared just enough near sunset for a parade around the Emery Barnes Park led by Orchestar Slivovica and a summer welcome song sung by the Gathering Place Community Choir at sunset.

Friday Music in the Park

Tambai Marimba performing to at the Gathering Festival on Friday evening

Tambai Marimba performing at the Gathering Festival on Friday evening

The weather broke for a lovely concert in the park by Tambai marimba (link) on Friday June 21. 150 free smokies were served and the audience enjoyed the first warm evening of summer while lounging on the park grass.