Festival of Hallows 2018

The Gathering Place Community Centre, and The Gathering Place Association present the 2018 Festival of Hallow Oct 19 to 31.


Community Shrines for the Dead

The historical origins of both Halloween and Day of the Dead go back for millennia. Many ancient cultures believed that a veil between the living and the dead is thinner at certain times of the year. Both the early Celts and the Aztec celebrated this occurrence in the fall. These ancient celebrations are still observed today as All Saints Day and All Souls Day on Nov 1 and 2 respectively while many other cultures ritually honour their ancestors at other times of the year. The Festival of Hallows highlights the value of paying homage to our ancestors while celebrating life itself. The activities follow many traditional reflective and memorializing practices from Mexico, South America, Eastern Europe and the British Ilse while having fun with North American Halloween games and activities. The festival attempts to include other cultures, rituals and traditions to honour and respect the dead that may not be practiced at the same time of the year.


See whats on at the Hallows Festival:


Death Cafe

Hallows Celebration

Vancity Theatre Films

Hallows Procession

Hallows Celebration

Inter-Cultural Dialogue on Honouring the Dead

About the Hallows Festival