About the Hallows Festival

In the Spirit of Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) ancient Celtic traditions and other practices please join us in remembering and honouring our deceased friends, loved ones, volunteers, and community members at The Festival of Hallows Oct 22 through Oct 31st0Z6A0912

Personal and Community Shrines will be installed in the Seymour and Helmcken Street area: Shrines are made by community members for community members. Every shrine honours one or more person or group of people who have passed away. Shrines honour our ancestors, grandparents, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters, friends, victims of HIV, Fentanyl, Natural Disasters, War and all others.

The Festival will host presentations by various Mexican artists on the cultural meaning and importance of the shrines and how to make one for yourself or your community. Presentations could be arranged for groups or organisations who would like to participate in building shrines.

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The Festival will also host shrine building workshops including : Personal shrines, a shrine for volunteers of the Gathering Place, an indigenous community shrine, and other shrines as desired. Plans are also underway for victims of the Fentanyl crisis, HIV and other specified groups. Shrines can be made for any person or group of people. Permission is not required to add a small personal shrine to the display. For larger shrines, community shrines, or shrines for specified groups or demographics please contact Alex Chisholm at the Gathering Place, 604-665-2391.

The Hallows Festival will present many other free activities and workshops including Halloween candies for kids, sugar skulls, mask painting, pumpkin carving, live music, free food and more. All workshops, presentations and activities are free. Stay tuned for a full calendar of events.


Traditional Aztec/Mexican Tzompantli (Skull Rack) by Gathering Place participants.

The Festival of Hallows is inclusive and open to all cultures and practices that honour our ancestors. If you are interested in a presentation on shrines, shrine building, or sharing another cultural practice please contact Alex Chisholm at the Gathering Place Community Centre, 609 Helmcken Street, Vancouver. 604-665-2391

Blue Catrina

Caterina painting by festival artist Ari de la Mora

The Festival of Hallows offers free workshops and activities.